Please read the information below carefully before submitting your work.

- Types of papers accepted: Systematic review/meta-analysis, original studies.

- Incomplete abstracts or those outside the criteria will not be accepted for evaluation;

- It will not be possible to edit the data of the work and/or authors after the publication of the result of the approved ones;

- Make sure that the e-mail you entered is correct, as all information and communications about the event will be handled by it (always check your SPAM/Junk email).


Registration and Authorship

1. During the submission of the work, it is necessary to indicate the presenting author, who must attend the event in case of acceptance of the submitted work;

2. There is no abstract submission limit per application. It is possible to add up to 10 (ten) authors, being 1 (one) author and 9 (nine) co-authors;

3. Only 1 (one) institution may be linked to each author;

4. Conflict of interests: any potential conflict of interest must be declared, including those of a personal, professional, employment, political, and/or financial nature, as well as interests associated with patents or properties, provision of materials and/or inputs and equipment used in the study. It is the author's responsibility to disclose all relationships of any nature that may introduce bias or be seen as biased in the conduct of their work.


Modalities for submitting papers

1. Oral presentation*;

2. Electronic poster*;

* It will be up to the Scientific Committee to determine which works will be accepted for oral presentation or electronic poster or which will not be approved.


Technical Areas

1. Enuresis;

2. Bladder Bowel Dysfunction;

3. Neurogenic Bladder.



1. Only abstracts in English will be accepted.

2. Characters: maximum of 2.300, including spaces and punctuation, including title, abstract body;

3. Instructions:

- The title must express the content of the abstract;

- The abstract should not contain abbreviations, authors' names, or institutions' names;

- It must be inserted on the platform in a predetermined space and indicated for this purpose;

- It must be structured as follows:

  • Title
  • Introduction and objective
  • Method
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Changes to the content of the abstracts/works will not be allowed after the publication of the approved ones.


Works approved

1. The works approved for E-poster will be published on the event website and will be displayed in the form of an electronic panel at the event, without the need for the author to be present. See below the rules for preparing your E-poster:

a) Posters produced outside the official template will not be considered (click to download the template);

b) Your e-poster must be sent in PDF format;

c) The title must be the same as the abstract;

d) Insert image, photos and tables, if applicable;

  • Font: Arial or Calibri style
  • Title: size 11
  • Contents: size 9
  • References: size 7
  • Use bold to highlight
  • Use italics only to indicate terms in other languages.
  • Specification: A4 size, saved in PDF and vertical position (portrait).

f) To submit the file, access your restricted area and click on re-submission. Submit your e-poster in the field provided. Files submitted in other fields will not be accepted.


2. Papers approved for Oral Presentation will have their abstracts published on the event website in addition to the presentation at a specific date and time at the event.

a) One of the authors must be registered / present at the event and perform the presentation;

b) The oral presentation should have a total time of 8 minutes, being: 5 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for questions and answers;



A committee appointed by the ICCS 2023 Scientific Committee will evaluate the submitted scientific papers. The evaluation criteria prioritize originality, scientific methodology, analysis of results, and impact of findings.



The 03 (three) best abstracts will be selected, indicated in the order of classification and will receive a certificate.



Deadline for submission of abstracts: 07/31/2023.

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